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My formulas are healthy, sensorial and so effective that they become magical!

"My formulas are healthy, sensorial and so effective that they become magical!"


I am the 4th generation of pharmacists in my family. It is for this reason that I create the formulas of my products myself. It is my passion, and the "trademark" of the Garancia laboratory.

I remember the oath I took, as all French pharmacists do, called the oath of Galen. This text contains the bases for integrity and the ethics of the pharmacist profession; it contains a particular commitment which dictates my daily work on product formulation:
"I swear to exercise my profession, in the interest of public health, with conscience."
I know full well what a toxic or undesirable molecule is and I fully understand the current concerns consumers may have. Toxicity of an ingredient is linked to its dosage. For example, digitalis, extracted from the foxglove plant, can save a human from a heart attack in small doses but will become a deadly poison if it is given in higher doses. Everything is a matter of dosage!
Today, transparency and ethics are essential for a trusted relationship between a cosmetics brand and its customers. This duty of transparency and ethics is embedded in my formulas.
"I am committed to creating healthy and effective cosmetics, respectful of our skin and therefore of our health."
My formulation work is based on the following fundamental principles:
I only choose "HEALTHY" ingredients:

o   Whose effectiveness is visible to the naked eye, quick, and scientifically proven.

o   Respectful of our skin and therefore of our health.


About my formulas and what they do contain:


  • Most of my products contain 95% to 99% natural ingredients.

  • I always mix the best of nature with the best of science for quick and visible results. Creating a synthetic active ingredient with high technology does not make it "dodgy". Far from it. Some peptides, which are synthetic, are part of the world’s most effective and healthiest molecules today. And, conversely, "organic" does not mean "without any risk to health", nor does it mean "more effective". I am not a hard core believer of either organic, natural, or synthetic ingredients. I combine both natural and synthetic actives. What matters to me is having the fastest effectiveness with "beautiful" formulas using naturals as much as possible and that respect our health.

  • The list of ingredients I use in a product is deliberately short. It is not the number of ingredients that makes a formula's effectiveness, but their quality and degree of concentration. In order to achieve the maximum effectiveness, my formulas have a high % of actives and I have no constraints regarding budget for my formulas. I would increase the cost of my formulas if it enabled higher effectiveness.

  • I select ingredients whose effectiveness is proven by clinical studies. Effectiveness and speed are at the heart of the DNA of the Garancia laboratory.

  • My formulas evolve with the constant progress of science. I always ask myself for each ingredient I select: could I substitute it for a better one? In line with advances in cosmetics research, I am reformulating some products to include the latest innovations. We are constantly improving our formulas to offer the safest and most effective products for our skin.

  • I select emulsifiers of natural origin. If possible, I select emulsifiers that are "intelligent"; this means that in addition to their role of creating an emulsion, they also have a beneficial action in the formula. Such benefits could include moisturizing and protecting the skin, helping the penetration of assets or being used cold in formulations, which reduces the environmental impact.

  • I want my formulas to be healthy but also sensorial, evocative of dreams and emotions. Beauty is inseparable from pleasure. My creams must speak to our skin and our senses. The sense of smell is very important. Some odorous molecules stimulate certain areas of our brain and can be beneficial on the skin. Did you know recent research discovered that there are olfactory receptors even in the epidermis? My creams have a light and captivating scent. I use allergen-free fragrance for most of my products; I also use traditional rose or orange blossom fragrances from our childhood for those who are not allergic to these scents and who want to travel in their memories...

  • As far as eaux de parfums and eaux fraiches are concerned, unfortunately the sophisticated fragrances from citrus, rose etc ..., whether natural or synthetic, can provoke allergies. They will be poorly rated in applications that scan and rate products based on their ingredients. However, only 2 to 3% of the population are sensitive to such fragrances. We are not going to ban everyday fruits such as strawberries because a very small proportion of people are allergic to it ...

  • We only use NON NANO titanium dioxide (without nanoparticles).

About my formulas and what they do NOT contain:


  • My products are GMO free.

  • I do not use animal fats and oils.

  • I avoid controversial ingredients. If I have the slightest doubt about their "impact on health" or if I think there may be "better" alternative, I will change my formula. For example, we are currently working on substituting EDTA (which is a chelator, a storage booster) in 3 products because it is not very biodegradable. We have also removed silicones on the sole product in our entire range which contained it.

  • Preservatives and additives are my pet peeve! I prefer to let my textures evolve, or even change color from one product to another, rather than boost them with preservatives, additives, chemical filters and dyes.

  • I refrain from adding essential oils that often provoke allergies.

  • I have always eliminated sodium laureth sulfate, lauryl sulfate and even went a step further by eliminating cocamido derivatives which are foaming agents that may contain undesirable impurities. I prefer using foaming agents that are very soft to the skin.

  • I do not use paraffin oils, which are inexpensive but potentially risky on a large scale. I prefer vegetable oils.

"My work could be summarized in two words: effectiveness and health." 


I find and use ingredients that are rapidly effective in nature and science. My choice of ingredients is made out of respect for our health and my professional ethics.

Our formulas are healthy, sensorial and so effective that they become magical!

And if you still have a doubt, I invite you to scan our products on dedicated ingredients scanning applications. These apps score products based on the presence or absence of some ingredients; unfortunately, they do not provide ratings on effectiveness ... In France, we are among the best-rated cosmetics in the industry. We are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have.




Garancia products exclude the following ingredients:

  •          Parabens (preservative)
  •          Phenoxyethanol (preservative)
  •          Triclosan (deodorant, preservative)
  •          Triclocarban (deodorant, preservative)
  •          Thimerosal (preservative)
  •          Liquid paraffin, parafin oil
  •          Animal fats and oils
  •          Sodium Laureth Sulfate (foaming agent)
  •          Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (foaming agent)
  •          Cocamido…/cocamine (foaming agent)
  •          Benzophenone (smell strenghthening agent, formula protector, sun protector) 
    and other chemical filters to protect formulas.
  •          Titanium Dioxide NANO (small size mineral sun filter to avoid the white effect)
  •          Nanoparticules
  •          Butoxyethanol (masking agent, contrôle de viscosité, solvent)
  •          BHA (anti oxydant protecting the formula, masking agent)
  •          BHT (anti oxydant protecting the formula, masking agent)
  •          Coal tar dyes (dyes)
  •          MethylEthanolamines /MEA, Diethylethanolamine/DEA (PH regulator)
  •          Diethyl Phtalate (solvant, masking agent…)
  •          Retinyl palmitate (anti oxydant, anti ageing agent)


Phd in Pharmacy, Founder

22nd September 2019