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« My story is based on four generations of a pharmacists’ family, with a long tradition of passionate interest in dermocosmetics. According to my Corsicans origins, I am very attached to traditions and respect for nature, just like my formulations. As a pharmacist, I commit myself to healthy and effective cosmetics, conscientious about our skin, and therefore of our health»

« I create my formulas with eyes turned to the stars… This world of magic and sorcery is inspired of my childhood imagination. I think women are magicians and my happiness is to bring them effective beauty potions to transform them! I also want that each of my formulas to be healthy and irresistibly sensory, evocative of dreams and emotions. My creams must speak to our skin and our senses… Beauty is inseparable from pleasure»

Saveria’s routine

Discover Saveria Coste’s routine and put a bit of magic in your daily life…


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« I create my formulas’ products by my own; it’s my passion and the « print» of Laboratoire Garancia! I find rapid efficiency in nature and science.
I respect our health in the choice of my ingredients and the ethics that is mine. My formulation work could then be summed up in two words: efficiency and health

It’s based on the following fundamental principles: I only choose « HEALTHY» ingredients:

o   with visible, rapid and scientifically proven efficiency

o   in the respect of our skin and therefore our health »


  • 1908
    The birth of a line of pharmacists, a love of plants as their legacy

    In 1908, pharmacist Pierre Girault, great-grandfather of Savéria Coste, created his pharmacy in Marseille. Passionate about botany, he quickly became famous thanks to his masterful plant-based cosmetic preparations.                                  

    Then came Fernand Stanislas Girault, grandfather of Savéria Coste, and his wife, both pharmacists, as well as their son and his wife, also pharmacists.

    The latter took over the pharmacy and developed it to create a self-service space dedicated to "holistic beauty". Customers discovered a totally new type of pharmacy dedicated to dermo-cosmetics, herbal teas and other wellness products.

    When she came into the world, Savéria Girault, who would become Savéria Coste, already had in her veins a love of plants and cosmetic preparations. She was the fourth generation of pharmacists.

  • 2004
    Creation of Laboratoire Garancia: the alchemy of science and nature

    It was while working on a revolutionary ingredient that Savéria created her very first formula: "A foam that acts in 30 seconds to transform the quality of the skin’s texture ... a cult product had been born: Pschitt Magique®!". The product kept its promises and the alchemy of the Garancia brand worked...

    The successful marriage of high technology and naturalness made Pschitt Magique one of the essentials in the beauty ritual. It won over numerous stars and won 3rd prize in the Beauty Challengers Awards over 70 international brands at the Cosmeeting show.

  • 2007
    A "Mystérieux" year

    When she heard of the studies of a Swiss research laboratory proving, through excellent results, the effectiveness of snake venoms on skin tone, the "scientist" accepted the obvious and prevailed over the "phobia" for snakes ... That was how the Mystérieux (Mysterious) range was born, a range of global anti-ageing treatments with proven clinical efficacy.

  • 2008
    Scientific research that knew no borders

    After numerous collaborations with European researchers, Savéria turned her scientific sights towards the United States.

    This is where she met her "plant hunter". The researcher-explorer found "Dragon’s Blood" in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. A red resin used as a proper botanical bandage by Indian tribes. Savéria would use it in the composition of such cult products as Diabolique Tomate®, Chardon et le Marabout® and Immortal Express Shot®. A gentleman adventurer, the plant hunter was happy to risk his own skin to save ours!

  • 2012
    Skin-care products so effective they were magic!

    The Garancia range continued to grow ... In the meantime, there appeared the Marabout anti-imperfections range and Eau de Sourcellerie® with its iconic "megaceros".

    For inspiration, Savéria drew on the Corsican landscapes, the land of her ancestors, her travels around the world, her readings and childhood memories.

    That year, the company won the Your Beauty Gold Medal and the Marie Claire France Excellence Award for Beauty.

  • 2013
    The year of tears

    Buoyed up by the enthusiasm of her loyal customers, Savéria decided in 2013 to concentrate on the beauty of women’s eyes to reveal, through their brilliance, our most intimate secrets. The product that arose from these intentions and scientific research is white, limpid and disappears when applied ... like a ghostly milky veil, hence its name: Larmes de Fantôme® (Phantom’s Tears).

  • 2014
    Masked balls

    That year saw 5 new treatments enter the pharmacy, including the first 3 Bal Masqué des Sorciers® (Sorcerer’s Masked Ball) and its amazing self-foaming mask.

    A year which was crowned with a Special Award from the jury of the Your Beauty Gold Medals. It was a passion for research, beauty and women that was being rewarded.

  • 2015
    An anniversary, cult products

    10 years after the adventure began, Pschitt is still as Magical! One is sold every 10 minutes.

    10 years later, because each product carries a unique innovation, each product is a cult in its category.

    "There’s no magic without science. And what matters to us at Garancia is the product, its promise" Savéria Coste.

  • 2016
    Ever more extraordinary care products

    In 2016, Savéria decided to bring out the true beauty while also protecting women's skin: Laboratoire Garancia opened up to the world of make-up, with two formulas on the border between skin care and make-up.

    The brand’s many fans replaced their loose powder with Hallucinogène®, a transparent foundation care in liquid powder, bringing into their beauty ritual Ma VAP' Bien Aimée®, a make-up fixing mist with 4 powers.

    These 2 care products also contain innovative active ingredients that combat new scourges that contribute to skin ageing: pollution and blue light.

  • 2017
    A crackling entry into slimming

    A new product was on everyone's lips: Fée-Moi Fondre® made a remarkable entry into the slimming market.

    The express fat-burning crackling foam, which mimics and maximises the results of a sports session, has won over many consumers.

    Why? A formula with 4-in-1 active ingredients, results from 14 days on cellulite, an embellishing powdery texture and fun, pleasant application that crackles under the fingers of every “fairy” who uses it (Fée = Fairy).

    "The success of a product rests on its scientific innovation and therefore its effectiveness. This explains why our customers remain so loyal" Savéria Coste.