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GARANCIA, Loyalty Offer, 10 Avenue du Recteur Poincaré, 75016 Paris

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Offre fidélité :
Abracadabaume Perfect Illusion®
Mysterious Replumper®
Rediscovered Legendary and Centennial Lotion®
Diabolique Tomate® Water Cream
Eau de Sourcellerie®
Bewitching Formula To End Crocodile Skin®
Sulphurous Marabou Paste®
In 2 Shakes of a Wand® Rose
Marabou Elixir®
Mysterious Thousand and One Nights®
The Thistle and the Marabou NUDE®
Mysterious Thousand and One Days®
Diabolique Tomate® Enriched
In 2 Shakes of a Wand® Almond
Redness Begone!®
Immortal Express Shot®- MG6P
Phantom’s Tears®
Immortal Express Shot® EGF
Mysterious Thousand and One Days® Emulsion
Bewitching Formula To End Crocodile Skin® 400ml
10-day Marabou Express Treatment®
Pearl of the Marabout ®
My Beloved VAP'®
The Sorcerers' Masked Ball® : Lifting, Moisturising, Plumping
The Sorcerers' Masked Ball® Purifying, Oxygenating, Radiance
The Sorcerers' Masked Ball® Nourishing, Soothing, Preventive
The Sorcerers' Masked Ball® : Self-tanning, Stress-relieving
The Thistle and the Marabou Gold®
Mysterious Replumper Limited Edition®
Bewitching oil with Super Powers®
Pschtt Magic Wax® Limited Edition

The 5 original bar codes: Cut the bar codes from the bottom of the box or directly from the tubes (for products without box). *Not for Enchanting Micellar Water (3 parfumes, bottles and eco-refill), Travel Kit, Pschtt Magic® Travel Size 30 ml, Magic Sponge® and Heady Spark

- A cheque for € 8.50 made payable to Laboratoire Garancia for processing and posting your free product.

You will receive your free product within approximately 8 weeks.
Any incomplete or illegible order will not be processed.

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In accordance with the French data protection act of 06/11/78, consumers have the right to access and amend their personal details by writing to Garancia Customer Services, 10 Avenue du Recteur Poincaré, 75016 Paris.

* Offer applies only to mainland France, Monaco and Corsica
** To ensure faster processing of your application
*** Subject to availability. If a product is out of stock, Garancia reserves the right to send you an alternative product.

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A bewitching texture that could have been made by wizards. I recommend it to everybody...

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