[Garancia in the Press]

  • Glamour, mai 2010

    " Glamour - Bewitching Formula To End Crocodile Skin® "

    Leg skincare for thirsty pins

    A lotion made with shea butter, organic honey and jojoba plant wax has the ultimate recipe for saying bye bye to dry, patchy skin on your shins. Use every morning to get off on the right foot.

  • Bain de Jouvence

    " Marie Claire - Mysterious Thousand and One Days "

    Total Rejuvenation

    Yet again, Garancia gives us the best of the best with this 3 in 1, lifting, redensifying and anti-ageing day cream. "Mysterious Thousand and One Days" is a true technological feat and won the 2013 French Marie Claire Prix d’Excellence Beauty Award. Over and above its instant lifting effect and its moisturising properties, it acts on wrinkles and firms the skin.

  • Votre Beauté, mai 2010

    " Votre Beauté - Bewitching Formula To End Crocodile Skin® "

    It’s magic

    Who’s it for? Those of you who want everything in one product: moisturising, exfoliating and toning. What’s in the formula? Salicylic acid (a non-abrasive exfoliator); potassium ions to rehydrate cells; shea butter, honey and plant waxes for their nourishing properties; lemon juice; and hydrofiltrat menyanthes (a plant species found in Australia) that firms and boosts collagen. What VB thinks: this mind-blowing formula, protected by two patents, can be applied on the dry areas of skin, and/or areas that you want to firm, including the face.

  • ElleStyleItList, La crème d'Elisabeth Martorell rédactrice en chef adjointe

    " ELLE - Mysterious Thousand and One Days "

    Elle Style It List - Deputy Editor Elisabeth Martorell’s top cream

    From the first time I put it on, I instantly forgot it’s rather strange name and it went to the top of my personal test list. Its light texture with a gentle fragrance mixes well thanks to a derivative of olive, which creates solid crystals that then dissolve really quickly. However, its formula, perfected by Garancia’s boss herself, a qualified pharmacist, aims above all to firm the skin (using seaweed and fern pulp) and smooth wrinkles (with a lipopeptide and snake venom - yes, really!) Give it a try.

  • Femme Actuelle, janvier 2013

    " Femme Actuelle - Phantom’s Tears® "

    The 15 beauty trends for 2013

    Some innovative eye treatments close up. While they combat dark rings, fine lines and sagging eyelids with ultra-powerful ingredients, they also have a secret weapon. For Garancia’s Phantom’s Tears, this is a collagen-booster that redensifies the delicate eye area. Try Phantom’s Tears by Garancia.

  • Cosmopolitan, novembre 2011

    " Cosmopolitain - In 2 Shakes of a Wand® "

    Something for lazy bones

    This makeup remover for the face and eyes cleans you up in a jiffy, and what’s more, it prevents fine lines and nourishes the skin.