[Garancia in the Press]

  • Mystérieux Mille et Un Jours, lauréat du pris Marie Claire

    " Version Femina - Mysterious Thousand and One Days® "

    Mysterious Thousand and One Days, Marie Claire award winner

    Its 100% natural emulsifier, a derivative of the olive, generates liquid crystals with a molecular structure resembling that of cellular lipid membranes. These liquid crystals, biomimetic to skin, strengthen the hydrolipidic film and keep it hydrated. As a result, this day cream acts on all types of wrinkles (whether caused by age, dehydration or expression lines) and the skin appears younger and firmer on the cheeks, giving an immediate lifting effect!

  • Madame Figaro,16 octobre 2010

    " Madame Figaro - Bewitching Formula To End Crocodile Skin® "

    Box office

    The crack troops swoop in all at once in this cream that smoothes, hydrates and nourishes dry, scaly skin.

  • C'est la nuit qui nous rend belles

    " Femme Actuelle - Mysterious Thousand and One Nights® "

    It’s the night that makes us beautiful

    I’d really like my skin to feel more comfortable : The best night-time formula: richer than your day cream, night cream leaves a light film on the surface of your skin. When the winter is over, the fats in the skin need to be replenished with nourishing active ingredients (sweet almond, urea, honey, etc) to help it feel really comfortable again. The secret of these smooth, thick creams is that they penetrate the skin more slowly, which means they hydrate bit by bit, and therefore more effectively.

  • Avantages, juin 2010

    " Avantages - Bewitching Formula To End Crocodile Skin® "

    Expert exfoliation

    More up-to-date than exfoliators with abrasive particles, peeling lotions work the same way as facial peeling treatments, but contain a higher salicylic acid (AHA) content. They are unbeatable in their ability to soften the roughest areas while moisturising the skin at the same time. To be used daily, they smooth, hydrate and firm thanks to a blend of organic plant extracts. Try Bewitching Formula To End Crocodile Skin.

  • Marie Claire , mai-juin 2011

    " Marie Claire Idées - Eau de Sourcelleries "

    Eternal youth

    With a bit of magic and a lot of innovation, Garancia has introduced the first anti-ageing perfume. It contains no alcohol, but aromatic powder essences (patchouli, myrtle, cistus and immortelle), plus an extremely powerful antioxidant (Peps'kin®) - this is the secret behind Eau de Sourcellerie®. Not only does it leave behind it a bewitching sillage, but it also protects the skin from ageing.

  • Glamour, mai 2010

    " Glamour - Bewitching Formula To End Crocodile Skin® "

    Leg skincare for thirsty pins

    A lotion made with shea butter, organic honey and jojoba plant wax has the ultimate recipe for saying bye bye to dry, patchy skin on your shins. Use every morning to get off on the right foot.