[Garancia in the Press]

  • Ohla!, mars 2005

    " Olha! - Pschtt Magic "

    Happiness in a pump dispenser

    Pschtt Magic New Skin by Garancia, a small, highly innovative skincare brand, suits its name. Inspired by Japanese beauty rituals, 2 pump actions deposit the right amount in your cupped hand, which you should wet first. Gently and evenly smooth onto your face, leave it to work for 30 seconds, then rinse. Does it cleanse too? It does even better than that! As each day passes, your skin texture is refined and transformed. It’s also a joy to use - this delicate mousse smells deliciously good.

  • Grazia, mars 2013

    " Grazia - Pschtt Magic "

    An exfoliator for sensitive skin

    If you have delicate and/or sensitive skin, the idea of exfoliating and risking abrasion is enough to bring you out in a cold sweat. At the same time, your skin’s fragility doesn’t stop it building up dead cells and impurities. To get rid of these gently, there’s only one solution, enzymatic exfoliation! A miracle product, deep-acting but non-aggressive, this chemical peeling treatment made with a mix of fruit acids and glycolic acid should be used like a skincare cream. Lightly rinse off after a short while for skin that is smooth, with tightened pores and a radiant complexion .

  • Biba, juin 2013

    " Biba - Pschtt Magic "

    Beauty, best of writing team. Mailys, 25 years old, fragile skin. Her favourite product : Pschtt Magic, Garancia

    Why she loves it"This product changed my life! Before, when I exfoliated, I ended up bright red for an hour afterwards and my skin was dry. I use this non-abrasive exfoliator every morning in the shower, I leave it to work for 30 seconds, and it’s all that’s needed to transform my skin without damaging it. My skin is clean, soft and very luminous. »

  • Avril 2006

    " Votre Beauté - Pschtt Magic "


    It’s not every day that you can call a product magic without misusing the adjective. The effect of Abracadabaume Perfect Illusion is, however, truly mind-blowing. It makes wrinkles, enlarged pores and other skin imperfections disappear before your very eyes. Containing a microencapsulated active ingredient that produces light, it optically reduces flaws. It’s the principle of counteracting shadow with light. Did you get that? No? Don’t worry, just try it, you’ll see!

  • Femme actuelle, décembre 2006

    " Femme Actuelle - Abracadabaume "

    Miracle products for sublime skin

    Magic balm: with just a hazelnut-sized amount of this super-melty cream, fine lines and enlarged pores disappear as if under a spell! Thanks to encapsulated light reflective pigments, the illusion is perfect and instantaneous.

  • Prima, décembre 2006

    " Prima - Abracadabaume "

    Beauty dossier - anti-ageing

    Totally magic! This unprecedented formulation disappears into the skin along with fine lines.