[Garancia in the Press]

  • Elle, juin 2011

    " ELLE - Sulphurous Marabou Paste® "

    What do I put in my washbag…if I have combination skin?

    "Your trump card: a purifier that packs a punch" We’re using a "pore-unclogger" once a week to give our skin a detox break that’s a joy after all those layers of sun cream!

  • Best of de la rédac : les nouvelles crèmes de nuit

    " Marie Claire - Mysterious Thousand and One Nights® "

    Editor’s best of: the new night creams.

    This product attacks wrinkles on every front. The snake venom peptide reduces the microcontractions that cause expression lines, while hyaluronic acid and olive extract hydrate and nourish, and a seaweed extract reduces the depth of wrinkles. Simultaneously, another peptide retriggers synthesis of the major constituents of skin tissue.

  • Grazia, octobre 2009

    " Grazia - Eau de Sourcellerie® "


    Abracadabra! Garancia has created the first anti-ageing perfume that envelops the skin in the fragrance of an aromatic powder with accents of myrtle and patchouli, while its super-antioxidant ingredient, "Peps'kin®", protects against signs of ageing.

  • Marie Claire, octobre 2009

    " Marie Claire - Eau de sourcellerie "

    50 new products that will change your life

    The first anti-ageing perfume should be sprayed on the neck and upper chest area. It’s an alcohol-free fragrance armed with a super-antioxidant and natural antiseptic and healing essences.

  • Mystérieux Mille et Un Jours, Pourquoi on l'aime

    " ELLE - Mysterious Thousand and One Days® "

    Mysterious Thousand and One Days - why we love it

    For its ultra-soft texture even though it contains no silicones, and for its original formula with seaweed extract that reduces progerin levels, slowing ageing. Its smell is also to die for, and quickly becomes addictive.

  • Sorcellerie cosmétique

    " L'Express Styles - Mysterious Thousand and One Nights® "

    Cosmetic sorcery

    A dash of snake venom peptides, a few grams of botanical extracts, a drop of hyaluronic acid - apply this mixture to your whole face, let it work overnight and when you wake up – look! Your skin is soft, full and velvety and your features are no longer tense. If that’s not magic…?!