[Garancia in the Press]

  • Marie Claire idées

    " Marie Claire Idées - Sorcerer's Masked Ball - april 2014 "

    Air-infused mask

    Once applied to the face, this beige gel-cream becomes a white mousse whose oxygen bubbles stimulate the skin in 5 minutes. 

  • voici, mars 2014

    " Voici - Sorcerer's Masked Ball - March 2014 "

    Operation regeneration

    To get a radiant complexion, how about cleaning your skin inside and out ? No need to be an expert in skincare. The new double action masks do the job for you. They melt the dead cells and impurities, and have also a deeper action, activating your micro-circulation pour ease toxin elimination. The results are immediate! 

  • BIBA, mars 2014

    " Biba - Sorcerer's Masked Ball - March 2014 "

    Oxygen Mask

    In contact with your skin, the oxygen contained in this gel-cream liberates and forms little crackling bubbles. When they are gone (10 minutes), rinse, and ...  parade with a glorious complexion !

  • ELLE - Bal Masqué des Sorciers - Mars 2014

    " ELLE - Sorcerer's Masked Ball - March 2014 "

    Fresh feeling

    With its crackling oxygen bubbles formula, it deeply cleanses your skin. 

  • Prima, janvier 2006

    " Prima-Pschtt Magic "

    Ultra-cleansed skin

    Removing your makeup has to be done before anything else - every evening! To do this vital job properly, you just need to find a product that is a pleasure to use and effective at the same time […] And as an added extra for maximum radiance, apply Garancia’s Pschtt Magic New Skin after removing your makeup. In 30 seconds its greedy enzymes gobble up the dead skin cells that dull the complexion. It’s brilliant!

  • Elle, avril 2005

    " ELLE - Pschtt Magic "

    Hottest product of the week

    We know that only regular exfoliation gives us more luminous, softer and younger-looking skin. This product combines exfoliation with makeup removal so it becomes a daily habit without adding an extra step to your beauty routine (this we like!). With no abrasive particles, it’s a biological peeling treatment containing six plant extracts that you leave to work for 30 seconds.