[Garancia in the Press]

  • Prima, octobre 2011

    " Prima - Marabou Elixir "

    I want clear, matte skin

    Lilac, pomegranate, poplar… the idea is to treat blemishes with plant stem cells by stimulating our natural immunity. Four drops of this magic serum, and it works!

  • Elle, novembre 2011

    " ELLE - Marabou Elixir "

    The Editor’s "It" List

    Elisabeth’s radiance booster

    There’s nothing like an anti-blemish product to give you a lovely complexion, even if you don’t really get spots. Deep cleansing action gives your skin a fresh start, smoothing and brightening it, and the feat performed by this particular serum is that it works without aggressive acids, clearing spots in 10 days.

  •  Votre beauté, mai 2011

    " Une peau clean "

    A clean skin

    Clear skin" Who’s it for? Those of you with skin types prone to impurities, small spots, blackheads. The star active ingredient is an original combination of four botanical extracts, sulphur and a super-gentle cleansing base. Why do we love it? With just one application, skin is deeply cleansed, detoxified, purified and the pores are tightened.

  • Elle, juin 2011

    " Votre joker : un purifiant costaud "

    "Your trump card: a purifier that packs a punch"

    We’re using a "pore-unclogger" once a week to give our skin a detox break that’s a joy after all those layers of sun cream!

  • Votre beauté hors-série, septembre 2012

    " Votre Beauté - The Thistle and the Marabou® "

    A laser-like effect to stimulate quick healing

    VB’s choice: if you want to optimise healing and conceal acne scars, this original formula draws on the power of plant molecules and biotechnology. It contains anti-inflammatory calendula and the lipopeptides found in youthful skin that work to resculpt and fill the scar (collagen and hyaluronic acid). The result is that the skin repairs itself faster and scars are instantly masked by the product’s mattifying effect and powdery finish.

  • Marie Claire, juin 2011

    " Marie Claire - Sulphurous Marabou Paste® "

    "New skin, new start"

    If your skin is oily and blemish-prone, replace your usual makeup remover with Garancia’s Sulphurous Marabou Paste. Made with sulphur and a blend of nettle, cucumber, lemon juice and botanical extracts, it deeply cleanses and purifies the skin, tightening the pores at the same time.