[Garancia in the Press]

  • Marie Claire idées

    " Marie Claire Idées - Marabou Elixir "

    "Beauty mix" 2 in 1 cream

    Choosing between blemishes and wrinkles is no longer an issue. This "miracle cure" treats spots and excess sebum just as effectively as it regenerates cells. Its light, fluid texture achieves smooth and velvety skin.

  • Biba, 2012

    " Biba - Marabou Elixir "

    Beauty, health and nutrition - everything you should start (and stop!) at 30

    Make your skin as good as new with a daily formula that cleanses, regulates sebum and tightens pores. 

  • Femme actuelle, 2012

    " Femme Actuelle - Marabou Elixir "

    Total rejuvenation

    It’s the lilac plant stem cells in this anti-blemish, anti-ageing serum that cause it to reduce sebum excess, while at the same time delaying the onset of wrinkles.

  • Top santé, février 2012

    " Top Santé - Marabou Elixir "

    Beautiful skin - the new 2 in 1s

    Anti-ageing and anti-spots: Marabou Elixir.

    Just four drops of this serum is enough. Its secret? "Steriobotic", a blend of plant extracts with powerful anti-sebhorreic and anti-bacterial regenerating properties.

  • Marie Claire, mars 2012

    " Marie Claire - Marabou Elixir "

    Flawless finish skincare products

    Anti-sebum serum

    We are going weak at the knees over this serum, with its water-like lightness and dual purpose - to reduce excess sebum and promote the regeneration of cells. What’s the magic recipe? An extract of plant stem cells and peptides, combined with an antioxidant. A few drops dispensed with the dropper provided, and the texture of your skin is more gorgeous with each passing day.

  • Madame Figaro supplément, octobre-novembre 2011

    " Madame Figaro - Marabou Elixir "

    Beauty special - calling in the pros

    "There’s no point treating wrinkles when the skin texture is inconsistent and the complexion dull," explains dermatologist Dr Cohen-Letessier. Whatever their age, women want flawless, luminous skin that has an even tone, without red patches and irregularities. This is where the new skin perfectors come in. Garancia’s Marabou Elixir pulls out all the stops to sort out mixed to oily complexions.