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    Apply your foundation, your BB cream or your tinted cream with this sponge (humidified and wrung out beforehand),it changes everything! You'll use less product,stretch it better and reach all zones of your face. In the end, the complexion is clearer and more uniform. And it's without latex, so no risk of allergy.


  • Têtu

    " Têtu - Redness Begone ! - July 2014 "

    Redness Begone !

    It’s hot outside, how to stay neat? Being tanned is good, but not like an old greek sailor drunk on Ouzo. All the skincare which carry the “calming” distinction are sovereign. Our favorite “Redness Begone!” is a fantastically fluid serum strengthened with blueberry, calendula and liquorice extracts. A tender hug in this wild summer.


  • Avantages

    " Avantages - Phantom's Tears - July 2014 "

    Phantom’s tears

    You have loved this little cosmetic bomb which dramatically refreshes the look. Its roll-on tip releases its active ingredients protected by five patents: bags under the eyes and wrinkle disappears.

  • L'express Styles

    " L'Express Styles - Sorcerer's Masked Ball - April 2014 "

    Self-foaming mask

    Once on the skin, the mask turns white and forms fine bubbles, producing a striking effervescent effect. When the bubbles have disappeared, rinse for a radiant complexion.  

  • Marie Claire idées

    " Marie Claire Idées - In 2 Shakes of a Wand - April 2014 "

    Beauty Ritual

    With its unique, incredibly melting and fragrant formulation, In 2 Shakes of a Wand, the anti-ageing, anti-tightness makeup remover, the crème de la crème of Garancia, is meant for you. And for good reason too – with 99% natural ingredients and no parabens, it suits all skin types, leaving your skin soft and rejuvenated. There are two versions, one of which is almond scented – a real sensory invitation to a distant land. 

  • Femme Actuelle

    " Femme Actuelle - Redness Begone! - April 2014 "

    We want it! ... The magic serum

    Its secret? The red seaweed extract which stimulates microcirculation. Applied under your usual face cream, it soothes skin immediately!