[Garancia in the Press]

  • Avantages, septembre 2009

    " Avantages - Diabolique Tomate ® Water Cream "

    It’s the in-thing! The Tomato Show

    First it was carrots and now it’s the turn of tomatoes to take up residence in our bathrooms. Super-concentrated with vitamins and antioxidants, it works miracles on dull, tired skin. It takes its logical place among the range of products available designed to give skin a healthy glow and make lacklustre complexions shine. An added bonus: its purifying and astringent qualities are extremely effective on blemish-prone skin.

  • Santé Mangazine, octobre 2009

    " Santé Magazine - Diabolique Tomate ® Water Cream "

    Trends: gourmet beauty products

    From the kitchen to the bathroom is only a few steps, as proved by these three tasty products […] Diabolique Tomate Water Cream, Anti-ageing and Radiance.

  • Le moniteur des pharmaciens, décembre 2009

    " L'Express Styles - Diabolique Tomate ® Water Cream "

    All about radiance

    Garancia’s Diabolique Tomate gives a healthy glow thanks to the beta-carotene and fresh, organic lemon juice extract it contains.

  • Votre Beauté, octobre 2011

    " Votre Beauté - Marabou Elixir® "

    Anti-acne treatments for adults.

    Try it for its plant stem cells that reduce spots by 40%, and its anti-ageing pomegranate extract: Marabou Elixir by Garancia.

  • Femina, août 2011

    " Version Fémina - Marabout Elixir® "

    We’re winning the war against spots

    35 years old with the skin of a teenager? You’re no longer alone - you’re even right on-trend! It’s a daily reality for so many women that lots of laboratories have been working on the problem. The result? Thanks to some new dual-action formulas there’s no need to choose between a skincare product for adolescents and an anti-ageing cream anymore. On the menu, you’ll find a concentrated blend of active ingredients that make blemishes a thing of the past and stop wrinkles in their tracks, available in formulations with a much higher feelgood factor than the ones designed for teens. Combining extracts of lilac, pomegranate and poplar, Garancia’s Marabou Elixir also regenerates and soothes.

  • Grazia, septembre 2011

    " Grazia - Marabout Elixir "

    The war against spots

    Smart beauty habits, personalised treatment.

    An anti-spot, antioxidant arsenal based on plant stem cells to purify the skin: Marabou Elixir, Anti-ageing and Anti-blemish Serum.