[Garancia in the Press]

  • Cosmopolitan, juillet 2007

    " Cosmopolitain - Mysterious Replumper "

    Our latest find

    Amazonian viper’s venom in a cream. It has a relaxing effect on neuro-muscular receptors and smoothes away wrinkles.

  • Air France Madame, mai-juin 2009

    " Air France Madame - Rediscovered Legendary & Centennial Lotion "

    What’s in their suitcase?

    Audrey Marnay" The actress, who is starring in Raúl Ruiz’s "Nucingen House", reveals what’s in her travel bag: Garancia’s Rediscovered Legendary and Centennial Lotion.

  • Elle Lille, 2011

    " ELLE - Rediscovered Legendary & Centennial Lotion "

    Top Tips From the Beautystas

    My secret for refreshing my makeup after a day at work? Rediscovered Legendary and Centennial Lotion with Damask rose by Garancia. I keep a bottle in my bag when I’m out and about, so I can lightly pat my cheeks with the lotion whenever I want to. The effect is really incredible, my complexion instantly looks fresher. And when I have to go out again, I enhance my eye makeup, but keep a palette of very "nude" tones.

  • Elle, septembre 2009

    " ELLE - Diabolique Tomate ® Water Cream "

    Beauty Buzz - products and concepts that are making the news on the latest trends: the tomato.

    It’s our skin’s new best friend. What does it have that other ingredients don’t? Its red colour indicates a content of high lycopene, one of the best antioxidants. Use it as moisturising cream in the morning to ward off daily aggressors. Pure pulp: Diabolique Tomate.

  • Glamour, septembre 2009

    " Glamour - Diabolique Tomate ® Water Cream "

    Salad Cream

    This autumn’s top active ingredient? Tomato! Lycopene-rich, it hydrates the skin, protects it from free radicals and gives it a radiant glow.

  • Cosmopolitan, septembre 2009

    " Cosmopolitan - Diabolique Tomate ® Water Cream "

    Vegetarian beauty

    With extracts of organic lemon juice and tomato pulp, this skincare product turns into water with anti-ageing properties on contact with the skin.