[Garancia in the Press]

  • L'express, mars 2006

    " L'Express - Abracadabaume "

    Natural makeup

    The "soft focus" effect used in photography is also used in a product called Abracadabaume Perfect Illusion. This miracle product, developed in the Garancia laboratories, goes as far as combining reflective agents with a light-creating active ingredient. "I worked with some American researchers who had been studying fireflies, those insects that can absorb UV energy and reproduce it as light," says Savéria Coste, a qualified pharmacist and founder of Garancia.

  • Madame Figaro, septembre 2009

    " Madame Figaro - Rediscovered Legendary & Centennial Lotion "

    Interview with Valérie Lemercier

    When it comes to health and beauty, Valérie has her own little rituals that are as amusing and high-performing as she is. Her latest favourite? Garancia’s Rediscovered Legendary and Centennial Lotion for instant luminosity.

  • Elle, avril 2007

    " ELLE - Mysterious Replumper "

    Beauty special: mad summer desires

    Wrinkle-erasing venom Ssssss…Wrinkles should be afraid, very afraid: our pots of skincare creams are suddenly bursting with extract of snake venom. It has a paralysing effect on the muscular system, limiting the ability of fibroblasts to contract and reducing expression lines. The result is a Botox-like effect that we’re already familiar with, plus added exoticism.[…] Enriched with plant extracts, it attacks all types of wrinkles, whether caused by facial expressions, dehydration or ageing.




    Laboratoire Garancia created Pschtt Magic 10 years ago. Now, it sells one of this soft exfoliant every 10 seconds. Not surprising when you look at its formula: an enzyme that "melts" dead cells, calming and stimulating vegetal waters, antioxydant green tea, invigorating lemon juice and hydrating cucumber pulp.  

  • Femina, juin 2007

    " Version Fémina - Mysterious Replumper "


    Garancia is silencing tongues (malicious and forked!) with a product that plumps up the skin using snake venom extract, no less. The venom inhibits the muscular contractions that cause expression lines, combating dark rings and bags under the eyes, too. An amazing antidote!

  • Madame, avril 2007

    " Madame Figaro - Mysterious Replumper "

    Beauty scoop

    Weird and wonderful serums. Unusual beauty products for women who want something out of the ordinary. Snake venom: this autumn we discovered this new anti-ageing active ingredient in Sarpa, a serum by Found. It has cropped up again in Garancia’s Mysterious Replumper, alongside six botanical extracts that are sworn to get rid of your wrinkles. Five patents and five clinical studies back this up.