[Garancia in the Press]

  • Top Famille, mai 2006

    " Top Famille - Abracadabaume "

    The battle against wrinkles: choose your weapon

    Garancia’s Abracadabaume Perfect Illusion uses an ingredient that generates light to soften wrinkles. But in the evening, when you remove your makeup, it’s game over!

  • Marie France, avril 2006

    " Marie France - Abracadabaume "

    Fake it

    A little bit of magic in a pot. Dab this strange mixture made of light-creating active ingredients on wrinkles and visible pores to conceal them instantly - without sticking around on your skin too long!

  • Prima, avril 2006

    " Prima - Abracadabaume "

    We’ve found the product, so get a move on!

    It’s a magic formula! This balm removes shadow with light to give the effect of filling wrinkles and enlarged pores. It should be applied over your foundation by patting it on, then leaving it to dry. The skin texture changes, the most minor furrow vanishes, and the effect is spectacular!

  • Officiel, avril 2006

    " Officiel - Abracadabaume "

    Makeup: my disguise

    Wrinkle-erasers. […] The latest on the market is Garancia’s Abracadabaume Perfect Illusion. The technology behind it is inspired by fireflies that give off light. The shadows that are cast by wrinkles and pores disappear in a few seconds.

  • Femme actuelle, avril 2006

    " Femme Actuelle - Abracadabaume "

    Uh oh, wrinkles!

    We scrutinise them in the mirror, asking ourselves how to make them disappear. There’s no miracle solution, but you’re allowed to cheat a bit. Inspired by fireflies' capacity to produce light, this magic balm erases wrinkles and fine lines with an optical illusion. The product’s active ingredients capture UV rays to create a source of light and remove shadows. It should be applied by lightly patting it on to target areas.

  • Femme actuelle, mars 2006

    " Femme Actuelle - Abracadabaume "

    I want totally smooth skin

    The fixed-in-a-flash solution: Abracadabaume Perfect Illusion. gives you a "second skin", softening furrows and creases. We absolutely love this miracle product that erases fine lines and other blemishes in the blink of an eye. What’s its secret? A light, melting texture that fills wrinkles by transforming itself, as if by magic, into an invisible film over the skin. The result is stunning. Abracadabaume is an appropriate name for a product that gets rid of wrinkles in the wave of a magic wand. The effect will only last until you take off your makeup, but until then, it’s absolutely spectacular!