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  • Monsieur, octobre novembre 2006

    " Monsieur - Abracadabaume "

    Help! I’m getting wrinkles.

     Like everyone, you’re getting older. You can cheat a bit though with Garancia’s Abracadabaume Perfect Illusion. It’s magic!

  • Côté santé, octobre 2006

    " Côté Santé - Abracadabaume "

    Sleight of hand

    We’ve got to know light reflective pigments - well Naturalextralight X3 creates the light! Used in a balm that includes extracts of sandalwood and white willow bark, it makes wrinkles and enlarged pores disappear as if by magic. It’s your bluff of the year!

  • Biba, jullet 2006

    " Biba - Abracadabaume "

    The beauty secrets of drop-dead gorgeous girls

    A is for Age. We’re taking control of it by refusing to buy into the Botox craze and using THE product that changes everything: a good makeup base. Apply it after your day cream (or use it instead) and before your foundation. What it does: It "fills the potholes" and creates a flawless surface. Our top products: […] Garancia’s Abracadabaume Perfect Illusion.

  • Pleine Vie, juillet 2006

    " Pleine Vie - Abracadabaume "


    We’re impressed!

  • Marie France, juin 2006

    " Marie France - Abracadabaume "

    15 electrifying beauty assets

    Get a shimmering complexion […] Make your skin film-star smooth using one of the new generation perfectors, try Garancia’s Abracadabaume Perfect Illusion

  • Madame Figaro, mai 2006

    " Madame Figaro - Abracadabaume "

    Instant beauty

    Try this magic anti-wrinkle product. Working from the principle that fireflies are able to absorb UV energy and release it in the form of light, researchers have succeeded in concocting an active ingredient in their test tubes made of microencapsulated pigments that create light. Through an optical illusion, wrinkles are erased and pores disappear. Abracadabaume should be applied by patting it on over your foundation.