[General Questions]

Where is my nearest sales outlet?

How can I get Garancia samples?

Are Garancia products tested on animals?

Can you use Garancia products during pregnancy?

Can men use Garancia products?

Do Garancia products contain parabens?

Which Garancia products can be used on the eye contour area?

Are Garancia products organic?

How old do you have to be to use Garancia products?

Combien de temps puis-je conserver un produit une fois ouvert ?

How long can I keep a product before opening it?

Do you recruit volunteers to test your products?

[Order online questions ]

How do I add a product to my order?

How do I benefit from free delivery in France?

Can I order from abroad? And is delivery free?

How do I know my order has been received?

Can I change or cancel my order after I’ve confirmed it?

What payment method can I use to pay for my purchases?

Is payment secure?

What can I do if my payment is refused?

How can I obtain a copy of my invoice?

What are the delivery times in France?

Can I track my order?

Can my purchases go towards claiming a Loyalty Offer?

I can’t seem to create an account or change my details

[Questions Loyalty Offer]

What is the loyalty offer?

When will I receive my free product?

For products that come in tubes, there is no box to remove the barcode from. What do I do? Will they be accepted ?

Can I send just one cheque?

I’ve thrown away the boxes with the barcodes on them, but I still have the receipts. Can I send you these instead ?

Where is the barcode exactly?

[Questions Pschtt Magic®]

Can I use Pschtt Magic® every day?

Does Pschtt Magic® remove makeup?

Should I apply a lotion after using Pschtt Magic®?

[Question In 2 Shakes of a Wand®]

Does it work on waterproof makeup?

Should I rinse it off?

Will it sting my eyes?

Can I use In 2 Shakes of a Wand® on combination to oily skin?

[Questions Rediscovered Legendary & Centennial Lotion®]

Why does it come in bottle rather than as a spray?

What does Rediscovered Legendary & Centennial Lotion® do? It seems like an ordinary skincare lotion…

[Questions Diabolique Tomate® Range]

Isn’t it too red? Will it stain my skin?

The colour varies from one tube to the next. Is this normal?

[Questions Marabou Range]

Can I use Sulphurous Marabou Paste® every day?

Sulphurous Marabou Paste® looks rather strange…

My skin is normal but I love Sulphurous Marabou Paste®, can I use it anyway?

Can Marabou Elixir® be applied locally to blemishes, rather than to the whole face?

The texture of The Thistle and the Marabou® doesn’t give much coverage for a BB cream. Is this normal?

Can you use the Thistle and the Marabou® in the evening?

[Questions Mysterious Range]

Isn’t snake venom dangerous?

Should I use a moisturising cream with Mysterious Replumper® serum?

[Questions Abracadabaume®]

How long does Abracadabaume® stay on ?

Can you use Abracadabaume® for an evening out?

[Questions Bewitching Formula®]

How do I use Bewitching Formula To End Crocodile Skin®?

Has the fragrance changed?

[Question Eau de Sourcellerie®]

How do I use it? Can I apply it my face?