[Diabolique Tomate® Water Cream]

24-hour Moisturising, Anti-ageing, Radiance   - 30ml


35,25 €

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Kim L.
Le 2017-08-27
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I bought this when I was in France last year and I am very, very disappointed in myself that I just only bought one! (I can't find Garancia in Canada!) And this product did wonders to my skin! This water cream completely hydrated my skin, aiding me to have a perfect skin. Now, I use a different cream and my skin seems to have trouble balancing out natural oil and hydration, causing some breakouts here and there... Definitely a recommendation!

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Pourquoi votre avis nous importe-t-il ? Garancia, c'est une fabuleuse success story qui ne serait pas possible sans vous et votre bouche à oreille incroyable !

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